Selasa, 02 Juni 2009

We sTarT

Boys Over Flowers> Kimbum & Super Junior Kim Kibum, two pretty boys will appear in the movie theatre at the same time.

With LG telecom OZ’s model stars Kimbum, Kim Kibum, Lee Yeonhee etc & director Bong Junho, watch the movie screening on the 27th.

LG telecom urges customers to log on the relevant website on the 24th, & they can, between Kimbum, Kim Kibum, Lee Yeonhee & directorBong Junho, choose who they would want to watch the movie with. This movie screening of is specially prepared by LG telecom for its customers, & they will accomodate for 2,000 LG telecom customers.

In the advertisment, one can also see the two pretty boys running together towards the movie theatre. In the advertisment, after the two see the news that there will be a screening of on the 28th, & after seeing that they could easily book tickets using the ‘OZ ticketing’ system, the two happily run towards the movie theatre.

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